TEDxZorilorWomen 2019 - BOLD + BRILLIANT

TEDxZorilorWomen 2019


8 December • Grand Hotel Napoca • Cluj-Napoca

Join us for TEDxZorilorWomen 2019 BOLD + BRILLIANT and experience live speakers and exclusive webcast.


Elizabeth Sagan, Bookstagrammer, Speaker

Elizabeth Sagan is a reader first, a writer second, and a photographer third. Her artwork is born from her love for books – may we read them, may we write them, may we share them – and it showcases the power of imagination while being an homage to the texts that spark it. Her aim is to instill the love for stories in others, as she relies on the need for storytelling that exists in everyone.

Camelia Cavadia, Writer, Speaker

Camelia Cavadia is a woman of words and a lover of stories: she likes to listen to them and she likes to gather them in books. It has been said about her novels that they are the novels of reality. And if you ask her what inspires her to write, she will answer: life itself. It has also been said that her novels are harsh, sad, crossed by a red thread of sensitivity and empathy. It can reach your soul because they seem to come from life and her characters have made many readers recognize themselves in them and why not, to accept themselves, with good and bad. She has written three novels: Vina, Măștile fricii, Purgatoriul îngerilor, published by Editura Trei.

More speakers to be announced soon!

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Our location: Grand Hotel Napoca


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